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Identity / Business Card Website

What is Identity / Business Card Website?
Identity / Business Card Website is a one-page website containing detail about you and your company. Upgradeable to a full featured Web Hosting Package at anytime.

Best suitable website for Professionals such as Attorneys, Accountants, Engineers, Doctors or any particular type of business field.

Design your Identity / Business Card page in minutes. You can change it at anytime you wish. 4 Easy Steps!
1) You choose your template
2) You fill out the Detail about your Company
3) You fill out the Contact Information
4) Then click "Save Now" and it will update your website instantly.

Examples of Identity / Business Card Website

Sell your Domain

Real Estate

Attorneys at Law

Cosmetic Surgery

Family Care Dentistry

Bouquet Florist

Advertise your business

Auto Body & Services


Home Theater


Lots of Free Templates




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